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Speakers and moderators in 2018

Thank you to all who will join us in 2018!
EBG | Network gather experienced peers and experts and enable you to learn and exchange with as many as possible

Source 2 Pay Summit 2018

Welcome to the 8th annual Source 2 Pay Summit held at 7A Odenplan in Stockholm, Sweden.

We often get asked what "theme" we will have. For us - focusing on a clearly defined and much challenging end-to-end process is a theme in itself.

The idea being that challenges and opportunities within sourcing, procurement and finance need to be discussed as parts of an end-to-end process. Our focus is to help you get concrete ideas how to make sure the efficiency and the effect you seek for a reality.

We know you want to reduce cost and help the business make better decisions - in a sustainable and risk free way.

We know it is hard work.

Join us in April - we have an informal and voluntary drinks and dinner event the evening before the main conference is held.

Source 2 Pay Summit is not a fair - it is a face to face summit based on the know how, challenges and opportunities facing the moderators and the know how shared by experts. Informal and to-the-point! EBG | Network who organize the summit are well known to focus on experience exchange and change management.


2018 Expert Organizations

Some example of topics during the day:

Digitalisation and automation
Volvo Cars
Key Note: What will RPA mean for procurement and finance strategy and operations development?
Round Table sessions: What you need to know about your digital co-worker
Speakers: Anton Edlund, Automation Manager, Volvo Cars
Key Note: Finding the balance between all things digital and human behavior
Speakers: Lucas Rulff, Senior Manager, Digital Procurement & Lars J Johansson, Head of Procurement automation and analytics
Danske Bank
Round Table sessions: Road map towards step by step digitalization from source to pay
Moderator: Jurgita Bergmann, Project Manager Group Procurement – Procurement Development
Round Table sessions: New technology impact on source to pay efficiency success
Moderator: Herman von Greiff, Country Manager
Round Table sessions: Benchmark your degree of end to end spend control
Moderator: Martin Casserdahl, Director, P2P Presales and Consulting

Organization, strategy and structure
Round Table sessions: Benchmark: From invoice to pay control to balanced multi channel source to pay
Speakers/moderators: Leif Kjøita, Global Process Owner S2P at Telenor Global Shared Services
Key Note: The Road to spend control through infrastructure consolidation and process compliance
Round Table sessions: Spend Control a compliance matter?
Speakers/moderators: Lotta Carlsson, Head of Sourcing Process Management & Peter Ringström, Program Management Office, Group Sourcing
Focus Session: Category management as a key enabler towards ISS’ strategy
Round Table sessions: What is supplier enabled innovation to you?
Speaker/moderator: Emmanuel Buyse, Director, Head of Category Management
Focus Session: Road to go live in one of the Nordics largest outsourcing agreements
Round Table sessions: How can you decide whats best – keep in-house or outsource?
Speaker/moderator: Stefano Dell’Orto, Head of Procurement Performance
Round Table sessions: How are you structuring Source to Pay, front, middle and back office?
Moderator: Urban Hollström, Head of Procure To Pay
Round Table sessions: End to end continuous improvement principles from idea to execution
Moderator: Representative from GEP

Sustainability & risk reduction end to end
Round Table sessions: Sustainability leveraged: From codes of conduct to performance management
Moderator: Nico Sagel, Account Executive Benelux & Nordics, EcoVadis
Round Table sessions: Widening risk assessments from mainly tier 1 and financial health
Moderator: Dugan Trevathan, Key Account Manager EMEA

Developing procurement further beyond operational efficiency
Deutsche Post DHL
Key Note: Then: outsourcing and focus on compliance Now: operational excellence as hygiene factor and focus on procurement as expert advisors
Round Table sessions: What lies beyond end to end sourcing, procurement and finance compliance?
Speaker/moderator: Jerker Gunnarsson, Vice President, Head of Global Purchasing
Round Table sessions: Creating a global roadmap towards E2E optimization while fuelling company growth
Speaker/moderator: Luis Antonio Sanchez Mosquera, Senior Project Manager – Global Solution Design – Source to Pay

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About EBG | Network

EBG | Network is a website and a company that gather and share cross functional and cross organizational business development experiences within procurement and finance. Activities we do include interviews, webinars, Online Benchmark Sessions, workshops and conferences.

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Feedback from previous attendees

”My first summit and positive surprise. A good mix of topics that was go through from also different perspectives by participants with a wide range of business areas. Excellent opportunity to benchmark with others.”

”Areas that we as a company are doing well should be highlighted as I believe we sometimes focus too much on what isn't working. But also going back with some good ideas about how to move forward in areas that we have challenges with. It was interesting to hear the different maturity grades of where companies are at in certain areas and there are always learnings to take away from that.”

Attendees from across the world

Sourcing strategies and activities are becoming increasingly global. Yet organizations and people are managed regionally or local. How can you make sure you make the wisest decisions and that you are able to see them through?

Here's why you'll love Source 2 Pay Summit

Quality Content

EBG | Network are well know to enable quality content during quality time. Practitioners set the agenda and ensure win-win experience exchange.

Quality Time

During a summit you should be able to meet and share know-how with as many people as possible! 4 Key Note sessions, 3 Focus Sessions and 44 Theme Discussions.

Global Approach

During Source 2 Pay Summit you will meet with large organization working in complex organizations. Global strategies meet regional and local execution.

100% Focus on Real Challenges and Opportunities

During Source 2 Pay Summit you will not get a one solution fit all pitch served. By meeting with as many experiences peers and experts as possible you will be able to gather pieces that you can put together and solve your challenges and optimize your possibilities.