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March 29th & 30th 2017

"Understanding spend and predicting future needs at lowest financial risk"

Why Source 2 Pay Summit?

”It became clear to me what we have to do next to take our sourcing to the next level.”

”Not many organizations are prepared or preparing for change, given the digital disruption that has already happened, and very likely will accelerate soon”

”There are more companies then ours that have the same challenges.”

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Speakers and moderators

EBG | Network gather experienced peers and experts and enable you to learn and exchange with as many as possible

Expert Organizations

Expert Organization enable EBG | Network to create high quality summits and sooner or later you will need a consultant or system.

EBG | Network are happy the below organizations have sponsored our summits earlier

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Why should you join Source 2 Pay Summit?

About EBG | Network

EBG | Network is a website and a company that gather and share cross functional and cross organizational business development experiences within procurement and finance. Activities we do include interviews, webinars, Online Benchmark Sessions, workshops and conferences.

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Feedback from previous attendees

”My first summit and positive surprise. A good mix of topics that was go through from also different perspectives by participants with a wide range of business areas. Excellent opportunity to benchmark with others.”

”Areas that we as a company are doing well should be highlighted as I believe we sometimes focus too much on what isn't working. But also going back with some good ideas about how to move forward in areas that we have challenges with. It was interesting to hear the different maturity grades of where companies are at in certain areas and there are always learnings to take away from that.”

Attendees from across the world

Sourcing strategies and activities are becoming increasingly global. Yet organizations and people are managed regionally or local. How can you make sure you make the wisest decisions and that you are able to see them through?

Here's why you'll love Source 2 Pay Summit

Quality Content

EBG | Network are well know to enable quality content during quality time. Practitioners set the agenda and ensure win-win experience exchange.

Quality Time

During a summit you should be able to meet and share know-how with as many people as possible! 4 Key Note sessions, 3 Focus Sessions and 44 Theme Discussions.

Global Approach

During Source 2 Pay Summit you will meet with large organization working in complex organizations. Global strategies meet regional and local execution.

100% Focus on Real Challenges and Opportunities

During Source 2 Pay Summit you will not get a one solution fit all pitch served. By meeting with as many experiences peers and experts as possible you will be able to gather pieces that you can put together and solve your challenges and optimize your possibilities.